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Enjoy ultrafast speeds on all your devices with the Wi-Fi included in our Business Internet packages. Our standard Wi-Fi modem is ideal for companies with less than 5 employees and an indoor workplace that’s less than 1,500 square feet. If that matches your connectivity needs, then check out our Business Internet packages.

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  Business Wi-Fi Pods, powered by Plume WorkPass® Business Managed Wi-Fi
Coverage Complete coverage for small businesses with less than 15 employees. Coverage applies to indoor locations only. Complete coverage for businesses of any size. This premium service is fully managed by our team. Coverage applies to indoor and outdoor locations.
Workplace Ideal for single story workplaces, with each pod covering between 1,500 to 3,000 square feet. Ideal for any workplace, including multi-story buildings and more complex floor plans with over 3,000 square feet of coverage per access point.
Capacity Up to 4 pods and 80 devices can be connected to your network at the same time. An unlimited number of access points and devices can be connected to your network at the same time.
Management Monitor and manage your network with access to the Cogeco Business Wi-Fi app. Get your own customizable Wi-Fi management portal with access to real-time user data.
Installation Easy self-installation. Professional design and installation.
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Internet built for business

Connect all your devices with reliable and optimized Wi-Fi throughout your workplace.

Dedicated Wi-Fi networks

Maintain separate, personalized and secure Wi-Fi connections for your team and guests.

Tap into data analytics

Boost revenue with actionable insights such as how often guests and customers visit, how long they stay and more.

Comprehensive Wi-Fi security solutions

Protect your devices and data from online threats with real-time automatic updates.

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Our local Account Executives are happy to discuss your business’ needs and help you find the right Wi-Fi solution for your team. 

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